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Alpine Constructions

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Wir setzen Standards

Geo Inventure by M. Fulde hat bei der Erarbeitung der DIN SPEC 91414 mitgewirkt und mit dem Konsortium einen umfassenden Standard für die Prüfung von Mobile Fahrzeugsicherheitsbarrieren geschaffen. 

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About Me

The interaction of humans and their environment, especially the handling of natural hazards and dynamic impacts, fascinates me. As a M.Sc Geologist (TH-Karlsruhe) with many years of experience in hazard management and geotechnics, I carry out well-founded field surveys, analyze complex interrelationships, create sophisticated technical reports and develop innovative mitigation measures.

As a member of SIA and FAN, I am involved in the corresponding technical committees. Rope access work level two, qualifies me to carry out hanging ropes assessments.



Häuslerstrasse 52, CH-8800 Thalwil

+41 (0) 79 335 1759

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